Cortamex Polyester Belts

Light transportation belts.

Our textile, 100% polyester belts can perform on a wide range of transport duties in different manufacturer industries.

The tensile resistance of our textiles is an incomparable characteristic of our products.

Banda 2 Capas

A moisture resistant 100% polyester textile base allows our CORTAMEX 2.5. mm can be used in the food industry for the transport and cutting of dough as well as in productive areas in contact with meringue and bitumen. Also due to its great flexibility and resistance to abrasion, it is used in corrugated packaging and transportation areas.

available since 2” hasta 53”

Banda 3 Capas

This textile is used in different industries for filtering as well as transporting. Its thickness of 3.5 mm allows it to have great flexibility without diminishing its load weight capacity. In the cement industry as well as in the aluminum one it is used in light aero sliders canvas.

The qualities if the polyester fibers that we use at OVILLOS Y CONOS, allows us to offer products with a long operational life, thanks to its high quality in fiber and controlled processes by our Weaving and Twisting department.

Available from 8” to 53”

Banda 4 Capas

CORTAMEX 4 lawyers belts are commonly used in bulk goods transport through air sliders were permeability is an important factor to guarantee its correct performance.

35 years of experience back up our experience in cement industry, as well as the constant control of the technical specifications in the manufacturing and finishing processes though laboratory testing.
The presentation on the four layers CORTAMEX can go from 4.5mm to 5.5 mm that easily adapt to appliances such as airs slider canvas, seals, packaging, and bucket lifts.

Available from 4” to 53”.

Banda 6 Capas

The most resistant technology in the market, capable of supporting working tensions of 600 PIW and even higher thanks to its 6 layers of solid twisted weave that allows it to have thicknesses of 6.5mm, 7.5 mm, 9mm whose use is recommended for different sections of the air slider canvases in the cement and aluminum industries.

Its great capacity to perform mechanical tasks makes it an excellent choice for the free fall hammer lifts as it is manufactured with a thickness of 12 mm that can tolerate high friction and abrasion which this manufacturing process demands.

Available from 4” to 51”

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