Specialists in Carboard industry, we offer highly resistant and long lasting products

For more than 50 years, Ovillos y Conos has been positioning as the most reputable brand among the suppliers of the cardboard industry with the highest quality and durability standards in products that guarantee to be the best in the field. Our technicians are highly qualified to assist you in any technical requirement or help you choose the most suitable product according to your needs.


Bandamex 3 layers

The attributes of the cotton fibers allow the belt to be antistatic, reason why it is highly recommended to be used in the cardboard industry. It is commonly utilized for lifts, corrugated cardboard transportation, and fast conveyors.

It is a trustworthy belt when used in the transportation of electronic devices and in packing areas thanks to the strength provided by their 3 interweaved layers of 3.5 mm thickness.

Widths form  4” to 48.

Bandamex 4 Layers

The exceptional tensile and anti-ripping capacities of the CORTAMEX products, allow its 4 layers or 4.5 width belts to operate in equipments subjected to high abrasion and rough treatment caused by the transported materials.

They are often recommended for transporting corrugated cardboard, as well as cardboard boxes in the packing areas that require anti-static and anti-slippery transportation.

Our  belts won´t leave marks on the paper, besides, they are resistant to inks and chemicals. Ovillos y Conos can offer you a belt for each cardboard manufacturing process, as well as a variety of products and resources to satisfy particular needs in this industry such as those with anti- static properties.

The belts´ finishing can be adapted to the needs of our customers; our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will be happy to suggest the ideal belt that will perform excellently in each of your industrial processes. We are committed to provide an upscale technical advice service in order to treat our costumers the way they deserve, offering them the best belt solutions to each of their particular needs.