Flat belts for heavy transportation

covered with rubber type


guides, rulers and pushers.

MINERALMEX belts are manufactured under a special, top-of-the- line quality process which makes them unique in the industrial sector. During this process they are subjected to the most extreme tests, forcing them to the achieve their maximum capacity, and by this, guaranteeing their high performance. We have a wide catalog of different textures, uses and specialties.

Our sales team will gladly help you choose the belt that best suits your needs.

MINERLAMEX belts are the perfect balance between quality and price.

  • More resistant
  • More durable
  • More trustable
  • Stronger

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We are experts in endless belts!

With 50 years of experience, we are one of the best conveyor belts suppliers in the industrial sector.

Our guarantee is based in the great technological advances that we have developed for our textile structure as well as the elastomer coverings that we use in our belts. Undoubtedly, our assemble technique eliminates the possibility of detachment of the layers.

When talking about transport of materials, specialized technical consulting is one of the most frequent services in the manufacturing industry. We offer the best solutions thanks to our team of specialized technicians. You can ask for this service any day of the year regardless of the hour. Get in touch with us through one of our sales executives. 

What do we offer?

To concentrate our efforts in providing an unrivalled and long-lasting belt in order to guarantee best performance and achieve the total capability of your conveyors.

  • Perfect balance between price and quality.
  • Conveyor belts to perform under different conditions and uses.
  • Technical consulting and support of our installation team.
  • Project follow-up by the most qualified technicians in the market.
  • Immediate and efficient answers to any case.

Ask for our belt accessories. We have waves, pushers and bucket elevator belts.

Everything you need and more!

Ask for our belt accessories. We have waves, pushers and bucket elevator belts.

Everything you need and more!