Innovating for the Industry.

We are manufacturers of technical textiles for transport and filtering for the manufacturing industry.

Our Story.

Ovillos y Conos was conceived by a Mexican family who had the intention of creating a manufacturer company of technical textiles which would provide solutions for the national industry.

Since 1968, its founding year,  our company´s brands: ALIMENTEX, CORTAMEX, EAGLE STRING, MINERALMEX and OVYCOSA, had been consolidating their prestige as leaders among their competitors in different markets and industries due to their top quality and superior manufacturing process which takes place in a 46,000 sm plant were 65 employees, including the management staff, work every day to accomplish such level of excellence and commitment.

Nowadays, developing solutions for the industry through textiles is what moves us, always followed by our ethical and professional values, and keeping in mind that we are a socially responsible company.

The effort has payed well. Today we are proud of our work as it is recognized by our customers around the world, stakeholders, which makes us active members and actors in the global consumers market with a clear vision to the future.

Get to know us…

The implementation of the use of lean manufacturing tools, studies and developments through scientific research which take place in our Center of Development and Research (CIDEO for its Spanish initials), as well as the use of new technologies such as MRP, make Ovillos y Conos a technological advanced company that offers its business partners efficient, profitable and more productive alternatives and solutions.



We believe and certify that every action, task and assigned activity accomplished by each member of our staff or suppliers has been done in the best way possible, with the accuracy and promptitude required and using the most suitable resources.


The only objectives that should prevail in any of our decision- making processes should be the ones determined by our company and under no circumstance, reason or cause, personal ones should come first.

Team work.

Collaboration between all the members of our company is fundamental to achieve our objectives. We promote communication, respect and cooperation as the main tools to have harmonious work environment.


The technological advances in the textile machinery bring as result amazing competitive advantages such as a high productivity, low-level waste and great reliability in the quality standards.

With global presence in more than 20 countries, Ovillos y Conos, reassures its character as a global, advanced company exporting its products to several parts of the globe.


Ovillos y Conos: the best quality and service in Mexico hand by hand with SAP Business One.

Ovillos y Conos has consolidated globally as a leader brand in the industrial market thanks to its products, services, workers and partners. One of this partners is undoubtedly SAP,  who has helped us gain a position between the great manufacturer industries in Mexico and the world.

Why SAP with Beas Manufacturer & RedSinergia?

SAP is the most prestigious ERP; having in the market a product with such quality in the version Business One for a company like ours was an opportunity that simply we could not let go.

Beas as a complement to the management of production, makes the tool a much more complete and powerful one.


Our Research and Development Center (CIDEO) is responsible for testing, studying and developing new materials to be used in our manufacturing processes. We support our technology in a serious scientific research that takes place in our well-equipped lab were tests are run to verify their technical specifications. And to make sure our final products follow the all the norms.

Our commitment with development and innovation allows us to be a flexible supplier capable of creating trustable alternatives for the industry