Light Conveyor belts

We are manufacturers of 100% cotton conveyor belts which are highly recommended to be used in different industries such as: accumulator, bakery, cardboard, confectionary, biscuit, among others. Our clients can be sure that during operation our belts will show an amazing performance.

We guarantee your entire satisfaction when choosing CORTAMEX belts.

A cotton belt highly recommended to be used in cutting and spinning machines.

They have been widely used for production and light transportation in the fine biscuit industry for a long time. Our 1 mm thick layer shows excellent performance during operation in this industry, such as an exceptional smoothness in the detachment of dough.

Available from 32.5” to 54”.

Used in the cookie industry for cutting and dough transporting on laminated die cutters and rotative machines. They absorb humidity and are 100% safe when being in in contact with food.

They can also be used in the cooling process, right after coming out of ovens due to its high temperature resistance of up to 248°F (120°C).

We have two presentations of our 2 layer: the traditional two layer (2.5 mm) and our 2mm new development for more flexible uses or for those that can be in touch with oil or grease.

The two layer CORTAMEX can work in nose bars thanks to our reinforced joints.

Available from 22” to 63”.

Because of the cotton´s attributes, the belt is antistatic, reason why its use is highly commented in the cardboard industry. It can also work great in bridge lifts, fast belts and transportation of corrugated cardboard.

It is trustable belt for transporting electronics as well as in packing areas due to the strength given by its 3 interweaved layers of 3.5 mm of thickness.

Available from 4” to 48”

The great tensile and anti- ripping capacity of our Cortamex products, allows its 4 layers belts or 4.5 mm thickness, to work in equipments subjected to high abrasion and erosion produced by the transported materials.

Its use is highly recommended in transporting corrugated cardboard in the cardboard industry, as well as cardboard boxes in any packing area that require antistatic and anti-slippery support.

We can have them made with an endless union in our plant or with mechanical unions with anti-ripping guarantee.

Available from 4” to 48”

The most ripping resistant cotton belts in our catalogue, with a one-layer structure type where the 6 interweaved layers allow no possibility of detachment.

One of the most common uses of our 6 layers Cortamex belts is in the manufacturing of Accumulators (batteries) used in the plastering machines. They are 6.5 mm thick with streghten joints, guaranteed with our 30 year experience in developing conveyor belt’s technology.We have been manufacturing our 6 layers enless belts of 6.5 thickness for more than 30 years to be used in plaster machines in the accumulator (batteries) industry.

La capacidad de trabajo con alta fricción permite que sean utilizadas en transmisión de fuerza aún con poleas planas.

Our CORTAMEX weave works great under high friction which make them also ideal to be used in force transmission, even with flat pulleys.

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